When we talk about positive dog training we are talking about respect, mutual trust and communication between dogs and yours tutor’s,.

I don’t use any punishment, fear behaviors, intimidation or theories of dominance.

I believe (and the science too) the relationship between you and your dog can be only positive.

I work with one lesson per week, My role is to develop the owner skills to keep a positive relationship with his puppy. It is very important for your dog learns from you.


Prices per hour

€ 25,00

PS: the value may increase compared to the distance from Zaandam.

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Do you have a little puppy? Please, don’t ignore this phase. It’s very important for dogs to be trained and socialized. This is the best moment for to do this is.

Behaviour problems

Animals can have a lot of behavior problems like don’t feel comfortable when he saw bikes, skates, baby’s car, other dogs, cats or separation anxiety.

I can help you too! 😀