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MSc Biology
Dog Trainer

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Hi, how nice to have you here! I’m Emanuelle, but you can call it Manu :).

Hi, it’s nice to have you here! I’m Emanuelle, but you can call me Manu :). I am a biologist and a canine behaviourist. My passion for animals comes from a young age. I remember talking to the science teacher that I wanted to understand how the animals’ heads worked. My dream has always been to understand this world and my bachelor’s degree in biology was the first step. I worked with the behaviour of frogs, snakes, lizards and small mammals. I loved it, but I felt something was missing. Until Miles came into my life. Miles is the best dog in the world (okay, you can disagree with me and think it’s yours :))

I looked at Miles’s face and wondered what was going on in his head.

As curious as I am, I started studying about dog’s behaviour and moved towards my professional training. It was the perfect fit: animal physiology, ethology, anatomy, genetics, my experience with other mammals, long story short, my passion for dogs became my profession. I started to specialize and even use my own dog plus a few courses here and there and when I realised I was already more of a canine educator than a biologist if I can separate the two things, lol. Since then, it has been 5 years of many dogs and families, where I developed my own teaching methodology, respecting the well-being of the dogs and their families. Because they both need to be in harmony!


If you want to find out more about my clients’ experience with my teaching methodology have a look at the reviews section.




  • Biological Sciences – Unigranrio (2009)
  • MSc Biology – UFRJ/JBRJ (2015)


  • Functional training – Dante Camacho 2016 (Brazil)
  • Reactivity Program – Dante Camacho 2017 (Brazil)
  • Reactivity in practice – KC Pampus 2017 (The Netherlands)
  • 1st International Dog Training Conference (online)
  • 2019 Dog Symposium 2019 (Oslo, Norway)
  • Seminar with Turid Rugaas 2019 (Venlo, The Netherlands)
  • Dog Emotion and Cognition 2020 (Brian Hare, online)
  • Dog Training 101- Jean Donaldson (Online 2020)
  • 2020 Dog Symposium 2020 (Oslo, Norway)

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Emanuelle (Manu) is a great teacher, for us and for the dogs. She is passionate about them, understands a lot their behavior and is always studying and backing up her recommendations with scientific research. She knows great techniques to improve their wellbeing and to keep a good safety level when your dog interacts with the world.

Since day one, she was very proactive, a good listener and helped us dealing with our dog going through puberty.

If you want to correct some behavior, understand your dog, make their lives better and learn new skills, she is the go-to person. Me and my wife and our fluffy one (Goku) completely trust her and recommend her services.

Thank you Manu!

Lucas Vilas Boas e Cindy Hiekata.

Emmanuelle guided us on training Summer, this amazing golden retriever.

Summer is very energetic and lovely. She usually demonstrated that by jumping on you to play.

Manu has taught us plenty of control techniques that helped us walking her outside, both with or without a strain. Taught her how to not jump on people, have self control of not asking for our food, not barking on inappropriate moments and many more.

We recently had a new child and Summer was just great with him, all because of Manu’s training.

Thanks for everything!

Thales Cantafaro Machado

HIGHLY recommend!

My dog ​​LOVES Emanuelle and I just leave my girl with her!

If you are looking for someone who loves what you do, is responsible and takes good care of your animals, Emanuelle is the right person!

You can trust it because it is the most reliable!

Renata Maciel
Manu has been our dog educator since before we even had Pudim (our 7 month old Kooikerhondje). She not only taught us and still teaches us about canine behavior, but also gives us all the necessary support suggesting toys, food, best practices, etc. She even helped us in terms of choosing a good kennel and a breed that was more in line with our lifestyle. This, from the beginning, made us trust Manu’s work a lot!

What most calls our attention in Manu’s work is the knowledge, affection, love and care that she has, not only with Pudding, but with us. She has a holistic view, she understands our reality and she is always ready to listen and think with us on the best solutions.

In addition, Manu’s ability with dogs is sensational, it is beautiful to see her training Pudding and managing to make him (and us) evolve every day.

It is a pleasure to have Manu in our life and in the life of Pudding. We are certainly just the tutors we are because of her and we owe all the learning in relation to dogs to her!

Marina Zarth Dias

My name is Carolina I get in touch with Emanuelle to help our family with Knox, she was 6 months old when she came to our house and the change was very fast. In her behavior (for the better of course). Best investment was to have hired Emanuelle’s service in addition to being very affectionate with our training the training really works.


I am the mother of Django and Tita and my first contact with Manu was sending a giant e-mail about my children, telling them of the traumas they had experienced since they were young and of their behavior problems and Tita’s aggressiveness with Django. I thought if this trainer has the patience to read she will be good for us, and since our first meeting, Manu was sincere about the challenges in re-establishing a relationship between them.

We are learning, walking together and celebrating every step we make. She shows us her human side and not only the perfection of an educator, and this is what I most admire! She understands us as parents and as a family, and mainly understands and respects my puppies as individuals. They love her of course! We know that having a professional who uses 100% positive methodology and is always in search of knowledge and updating in his area, which is wonderful for educating / teaching humans to understand their dogs and learn to respect them even more and to teach them from this.

We are very grateful !!!

Elaine and Felipe