So that you have no doubts about my work methodology, here is a brief summary about.

The most important thing for me when working with a dog is to understand that he is a unique individual endowed with his personality. Can be shyer, happy, who likes some things and detests others, who have different ways of interacting with each stimulus. From this understanding, we begin to understand better what are the feelings most often that permeate this individual!

Understanding the feelings that lead (or led) the dog to trigger any behaviour is a crucial factor in solving behavioural problems and in education as a whole.

As important as feelings and individuality is to understand the way in which dogs communicate. My greatest inspiration, Turid Ruggas, left us the greatest legacy that any professional who works with dogs can have. Understanding the signs of calm that dogs emit is often a big part of the way. My role in addition to making you understand these signs is to help you communicate better with your own dog.

Another important factor is to understand the environment in which the dog lives. We cannot deny that the environment is a factor of great influence in a dog’s life and environmental management is undoubtedly indispensable in canine education.

Physiology, nutrition, genetics, life history are also influencing factors that help us understand this wonderful canine universe.

I don’t use any kind of physical or emotional punishment with dogs. I do NOT use prong collars and similars, shock collars, water spray, verbal intimidation or threats. So, if you are a fan of these tools, know that to work together you will need to expand your mind and give it up.

It is important that you also know that I am NOT a professional who will teach your dog to sit, stay, lie down and roll. My methodology is about tutor and dog bonding and communication. A dog needs to learn new things every day, but who says commands are?

If you are willing to understand your dog, create a bond, communicate, respect and understand the processes, as well as the temporality, talk to me, I’m ready to help you with that!