Puppy Education – Individual


Zaandam Centrum, Netherlands

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Puppy Education – Individual

Puppies are cute and challenging.
Educating a puppy goes far beyond walking, playing with other dogs, meeting people or teaching obedience commands. The way and the intensity in which the stimulations are presented to the dogs when puppies can interfere in the whole adult phase.

If presented incorrectly, either through over-stimulation or under-stimulation, behavioural problems can arise, other reasons might take a part on it as well.
Through education, we can prevent some of these future problems.



Service conditions:

NOTE: the values below do not include BTW 21%.
0.40 cents per kilometre will be charged in relation to my travel. To help you calculate, use Zaandam Central as a reference, and remember that I need to go back and forth 🙂

*monthly = 4 lessons


Puppy Education Individual