Puppy Class


Zaandam Centrum, Netherlands

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Puppy Class 


October 17th

Every Saturday at 10:00 am at Sloterplas park.

The first class will be for dog owners only. You will learn about dog behaviour, communication, life phases and more.

In the remaining classes, you are going to practice what you learned in the first lesson and, also, you will teach your dog to adapt to the habits of the human society.



-Educate the owner to understand the dog’s language

-Establish a bond between Owner and Dog

-Teach the dog to adapt to different types of environments

-Teach the dog to ignore other dogs on the street and also play with them when possible

-Prevent future behavioural problems.


I’m NOT teaching your dog to sit, roll over, spin or stand on hind legs or similar! This class is about behaviour and understanding each other (dog X human) and not for tricks  🙂


Puppy Class

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